Tatacoa’s desert the desert-not desert

Located in the department of Huila- Colombia, the Desert of La Tatacoa is not really a desert, it is actually called «tropical dry forest», which is only 38 kilometers away from Neiva, capital of the department.

It is a must see destination for lovers of adventures and archeology. With its combination of ocher tones, gray and small strokes of green which make this an ideal place for pictures taking. You can also go hiking or cycling in the most attractive areas of the desert such as the Labyrinth of Cuzco or Los Hoyos,where you can take amazing panoramas of this landscape.

The climate is semi-arid, semi-desert, and it gets a temperature between 28ºC and 35ºC during the day, in the night the temperature does not change much since it can reach 24ºC.

Without a doubt, it is a destination that you can not miss if you come to Colombia.