Guatape is the most beautiful town in Antioquia

Some people say Guatape is the most wonderful town of Antioquia, and it is probably because of the breathtaking views of El Peñol, to arrive here it is a two hour ride from Medellin, the capital of Antioquia.

What will you find? the colonial style here is amazing, every house has a different colorful style and people is very kind but the “piedra El Peñol” is the most touristic place. This mass of rock weighs 10 million tons and measures 200 meters high.

Guatape became famous after the 70’s when a gigantic reservoir was built in its territory, a large hydroelectric complex with the flooding of 2262 hectares of land made by the EPM ( Empresas públicas de Medellín) changed radically its economy, now tourism is the most important source of its economy.