Travel to one of the best beaches in Latin America

Santa Marta is Colombia’s premier beach destination mostly because of the Tayrona Park, the beautiful colonial city and the party plans are the most important attractions of this destination.

We have three must go places to go in Santa Marta depending on your personality.

Spa and boutique plan close to the beach, there are exclusive hotel boutiques that you can mostly find in the middle of the colonial part of Santa Marta, the good thing is that the prices are not veri high and you can get a luxury experience while eating good dishes troughout the city.

Tayrona Park, here there are some of the best beaches in Latin America, the good thing is that you can find here lush plans at very good prices with excellent views, here we recommend you: Minca, Bahía Concha, La piscina, el Cabo. In Cañaveral you can find nice ecohabs.

Ciudad Perdida, this trek is  a remarkable indigenous citadel that pre-dates the Inca. You will find a spectacular sight among a jungle terrain. It is a five-day trek.

Go to party at Oh la la La puerta, a place freat for foreigners because of its music and colonial architecture located in the center of Santa marta.